Zmokey’s BBQ House: Hail to the Best Smoked Ribs in Bicol

Zmokey's BBQ House: Hail to the Best Smoked Ribs in Bicol

We, Bicolanos, are more than passionate about food. Food is our life. It has become a staple on our tables to have an indulgent Lechon baboy or crispy pata whenever there’s a celebration. Even when there’s none, we make sure to eat a good meal every time. But smoked ribs ain’t one of them. We’re more accustomed to roasted chicken. But did you know that there’s a sprawling barbeque house that offers the best smoked ribs in Bicol?

Smoked Ribs, What?

We all love a delectable and scrumptious-looking meal. But the tedious preparation isn’t for everyone. Especially, if you’re eyeing creating your very own smoked ribs. This meal is usually prepared for more than five to seven hours! If you’re that dedicated to cooking, this one can be a lot challenging but will definitely be rewarding. But for someone like us who have no time but would love to enjoy a hearty meal, it’s best to trust those who are more than dedicated to cooking the smoked ribs dish.

Zmokey’s BBQ House for the Win

This is where Zmokey’s BBQ House comes in. Despite this dish originating in most parts of United States, we can now enjoy smoked ribs even if we’re here in Bicol. If you’ve been a fan of Kenny Rogers, you’ll probably fall in love with Zmokey’s too!

Located in the Heart of Bicol, Zmokey’s BBQ House delivers fall-off-the-bone meaty goodness! But unlike the normal brick-and-mortar stores, Zmokey’s BBQ House doesn’t have a physical store (for now). Hence, you can only enjoy their smoked ribs and other products via food delivery, every Saturday and Sunday.

Pro Tip: If you want to taste Zmokey’s BBQ House Smoked Ribs, you have to reserve days before the delivery. Their smoked ribs are skillfully prepared and smoked for a long time. And as the saying goes, you can’t rush anything that is good.

Reasons Why You Should Never Miss the Smoked Ribs from Zmokey’s BBQ House

  1. Cooked Low and Slow – Their meat are seasoned and smoked “Low and Slow” for seven up to sixteen hours! You are reading that right! They prepared it for that specific period to come up with its most optimal taste! They expose the meat to a controlled indirect heat temperature, from special burning hardwoods (caimito, Sampaloc or santol), which tenderizes and gives an amazing unique aroma and smoky flavor.
  2. Tasty, Savory & Fall-Off-The-Bone Goodness – By far, after indulging in numerous rib meals in the city, this is the tastiest, savory, and has the fall-off-the-bone goodness. If you’re still not buying my adjectives, let me put it this way. This is our ultimate food find for 2022. We are not kidding when we say that it’s the best. You should try it yourself!
  3. Value for Money – A lot of times, we spend money and become disappointed in the end. But not with Zmokey’s BBQ House. You are getting what you’re paying for. You are definitely going to order more. It’s perfect for all occasions, may it be birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, and yes, the Penafrancia Fiesta!
  4. Packaged for Kings and Queens & Big Servings – Perhaps, this is one of the best packagings we’ve seen for food deliveries. And this is from a new food store that is just starting. Clearly, they know how to treat their customers! We felt like we were opening a special gift from a special friend. Plus, the generous amount of their ribs!
  5. Retained Quality – Since the Smoked Ribs from Zmokey’s BBQ House aren’t served right off the bat, the biggest question is, once they arrived at your homes, will the quality be the same? You’ll be happy to know that you’ll receive your smoked ribs with retained quality!

We are not kidding when we say that this is our ultimate food find for 2022. And we can’t wait for you to try it too!

Pre-Orders & Reservations

You better not think twice because their stocks easily run out! If you want to order for the Penafrancia Fiesta, Zmokey’s BBQ House is now accepting pre-orders for September 17 & 18, 2022.

You will get 1 tub each of coleslaw, buttered corn & carrots, pickled papaya, and barbeque sauce + Free Delivery, when you order 1 full rack of Smoked BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (Good for 8-9 persons), for only P1.40/gram – available weight 1000-1300g.

Their Pick-up and Delivery start at 11:00am until 8:00pm only.


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