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Interlocking Pre-Cast Solid Concrete Blocks
30x stronger than your ordinary, backyard hollow blocks. 16x stronger than reinforced concrete.

QuikBLox is a patented construction technology that uses interlocking, concrete solid blocks in place of conventional hollow blocks and reinforced concrete. Use QuikBlox for the construction of houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, retailing walls, box culverts, and columns.

Paul Redburn QuikBlox Builders


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Quick and Efficient

QuikBlox assembly uses pre-cast, solid concrete blocks manufactured at QuikBlox Builders' production site, so there's a ready supply of blocks for continuous, uninterrupted construction.

conventional construction versus quikblox construction

Remarkably Strong

A QuikBlox Wall assembly is exceptionally strong. Much stronger than a wall built with conventional hollow-blocks. Even stronger than a reinforced concrete wall.

QuikBlox blocks are rated at 3,000 psi. So a QuikBlox house or building is innately resilient against strong typhoons and earthquakes.

zero damage typhoon quikblox building

Exceptionally Flexible

QuikBLox Builders already make a variety of building block patterns that may be combined at will to accommodate different layouts and design requirements.

The following are block patterns that may be used and combined to create a limitless variety of structural configurations to accommodate every type of architectural design requirements.

  • standard block
  • t block
  • 45 degree block
  • 45 degree block left
  • 45 degree block right
  • 90 degree block
  • special 90 degree block left
  • special 90 degree block right
  • half block

Value for Money

A QuikBlox house or building, due to its modular nature, is completed much faster than a conventionally constructed building. This leads to time savings that, in turn, leads to lesser labor and miscellaneous construction expenses. You also get a much quicker return on your investment. A QuikBlox building is ready for occupancy much sooner. This means a lot less opportunity cost than in conventional construction.

You also save on the cost of construction materials. QuikBlox Builders can give you an exact assessment of construction costs based on your preferred design and layout. There will be no excess materials, and you'll get more value for money spent.

Water-proof and Ready to Paint

A finished QuikBlox wall is turned-over to you water-proof and ready to paint. No need to add a layer of waterproofing. No need to prime the wall for painting. Just paint on the wall and you're done.

eternal gardens quikblox construction