AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar: Home of Authentic Kinulob and Fried Itik in Bicol

AMANG's Grill and Resto Bar: Home of Authentic Kinulob and Fried Itik in Bicol

Often than not, we’re tired of tasting the same-old meals from the fast foods around the city through the years. We got so bored that we always try to look for something new. But guess what, whenever you’re in doubt, you can never go wrong with going local! Yes, you’re reading that right. And we just found the best way to do it. It’s time to try the newest food craze in AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar, the home of authentic kinulob and fried itik in Bicol.

Kinulob and Fried Itik, What?

Itik, also known as duck, is the main ingredient in the most favorite dishes in AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar. “Kinulob” means to cover tightly. If cooking ain’t your forte, this might bore you. It can be a tedious process but the result is heavenly!

This process of cooking meat involves adding the liquid that serves as the layer between direct heat and the meat. Also, traditionally, people use banana leaves above the clay pot to trap the heat and flavor of the meat inside. Normally, people use chicken to make a Kinulob dish. But at AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar, they made a twist and used itik instead.

Just the kinulob alone is already enough to satisfy your craving tummy. But to make it more extra, AMANG’s Grill also offers this dish fried. So after undergoing the “Kinulob” process which made the itik tasty and flavorful, they fry it according to your preference!

AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar: The Home of Authentic Kinulob and Fried Itik in Bicol

If you didn’t notice, the owner derived the name of the restaurant from the word “Amang/Ama” which means God, the Father. Isn’t that cool, you get to eat something heavenly???

When we entered the place, we were welcomed by its simple beauty. Adorned with paintings from Kintab Artists Group Inc., the art definitely complements Amang Grill’s native interior design. According to the owner, their place serves as an exhibit for talented artists to showcase and sell their pieces. Not just that, they even used banigs and ratan baskets from our locals. Totally, it’s a breath of fresh air, compared to the normal structures we see in fast food chains.

If you become a fan of the place, you gotta try their food! As I mentioned, their Authentic Kinulob and Fried Itik are definitely a must-try. It’s just a non-negotiable, we’re telling you!

But wait, the Fried and Ginataang Baluko will also win your heart. It’s one of our favorite dishes too. As a seafood addict, these two dishes, along with their Seafood Curry are the seafood dishes you should try!

Not to mention the long list of options for different tastebuds! We also get to taste Adobong Kambing, which is so tender and tasty. Fresh Lumpia, Patatim, Ginataang Itik and Crispy Pata! And yes, the CRISPY Kangkong too!

In all honesty, we had one of the tastiest meals ever at AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar. If you want to know more about the meals they serve, you may check their menu:

Celebrations & Simple Gatherings at AMANG’s Grill

One great thing about AMANG’s Grill is that they offer their restaurant as a function room to anyone interested to celebrate their occasion at the place, may it be intimate weddings, birthdays, christening and so much more! They also offer catering services, in case you want to celebrate somewhere else.

For smaller groups, they also have the VIP room which can cater to a group of twenty people. I heard they offer great deals in this VIP room where you can also freely sing to your heart’s desire because of the readily installed Karaoke!


AMANG’s Grill is definitely a go-to place if you want to taste authentic and sumptuous native cuisine. And if you’re there, you’ll feel at home and never out of place!

Now, if you’re going to ask us whether we recommend AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar? Totally!

Excited to try their Authentic Kinulob and Fried Itik and other dishes? AMANG’s Grill and Resto Bar is located at Taal Avenue, Dayangdang, Naga City, beside Naga City Civic Center.


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