NUAT THAI FOOT AND BODY MASSAGE: a must try experience for your self-care needs

Are you feeling under the weather recently for grinding non-stop? Does your entire body scream a lot of pain for overworking? Why not try Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage for a whole new level of experience to relax and unwind? It is time to try something new for your self-care routine. 

Nuat Thai is not that new to us. In fact, it has a lot of branches across the country and we also have one here in Naga City located in Concepcion Grande. Nuat Thai Foot and Body Spa in Naga started its operations in 2013 and most of their therapists are from Visayas. Even so, they were also able to train and hire local Bicolano therapists for the Nuat Thai branch here in Naga City. 

Nuat Thai offers affordable yet quality massage services ranging from P300-600 for 60-90 minutes depending on the massage service that you will be availing. 

Here’s a list of massage services at Nuat Thai:

Nuat Thai is currently offering 10% discount to all service and 15% barkada discount (group of 4 and up) for the afternoon promo from Monday to Friday (12NN-5PM). 

With the pandemic outbreak, Nuat Thai had to put their operations on hold and had to wait three years for the pandemic to ease off in order to offer their services once again without the fear of being a risk to anyone. Moreso, Nuat Thai made their services affordable without compromising the quality of their massage services and adhere to the best health and safety practices while operating. 

As Nuat Thai opens its doors once again to offer their massage services, this is a to-go-to whether you are there alone for me-time or with your barkada or someone special for a spa bonding experience. This is a must try experience especially if you have back and neck pains or sore limbs. You’ll feel rejuvenated, lighter, and healthier after every massage. You’ll come back stronger afterwards and ready to grind again.  

Try Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage now!


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