Parisien Spa: Pamper Yourself in this Luxurious Yet Affordable Spa in Naga City

Parisien Spa: Pamper Yourself in this Luxurious Yet Affordable Spa in Naga City

I think, all women will agree, that there will always come a point in time when you’ll be needing that extra pampering to feel more confident and beautiful. Whether it’s a reunion, a wedding, a simple gathering, or just a bad day, having a chance to pamper and take care of yourself can just make dealing with life a little easier. Not to mention that everyone deserves that pampering! However, if you want quality services, it can be costly sometimes. But fret not, here’s our newest discovery, a luxurious yet affordable Spa in Naga City: Parisien Spa!

Bringing Paris through a Parisien-Themed Spa in Naga City

Some titas and young women fell in love with Paris when the Korean series Lovers in Paris premiered on our TV way back in the day! However, visiting the actual place is expensive! If you’re like me and can’t afford the tickets to Paris just yet, this is the perfect time for you! The interior was inspired by Paris plus they have a good choice of Paris-themed music for a relaxing ambiance! Not to mention their lazy boy couches! Oh boy, it was relaxing that I almost fell asleep while having my nails done!

Pamper Yourself Even after Office Hours in this Luxurious Yet Affordable Spa in Naga City

One of the reasons why I love Parisien Spa is the fact that you can still enjoy your mani & pedi, hair, and body care services even after office hours! If you’re a student, working or a busy independent woman, it’s hard to find a salon or spa that offers their services after office hours! Even the owner herself (who is a doctor) experienced this first-hand! And if there’s an available one, it’s hard to secure a lot or you have to wait for a long time just to get your nails or hair done. Here at Parisien Spa, you can just head there after school or work and still pamper yourself! They’re also available on Sundays!

A Luxury Self-Care You Can Afford

If you’re thinking that it’s going to cost you a lot just to enjoy the pampering and their luxurious services, think again! Their hair, nail, and body care services are definitely AFFORDABLE! I was awed when they handed me a copy of their services! The moment you stepped into their doors, you’ll definitely feel that you need to pay more for their services. Their interior design shouts luxury! But it turns out, their price range is almost the same as the salons or spas in the city.


The Best Staff!

Their staff are well-trained from other well-known salons (David’s Salon) and have years of experience so you know you are in good and expert hands. In my personal experience, it’s very seldom that I got out of a salon or a spa without cuts on my fingers and toes. But when I tried Parisien Spa’s manicure and pedicure, I was surprised that I can have beautiful nails without suffering from cuts or wounds! I definitely left Parisien Spa with a happy heart.

Excited to have that well-deserved pampering? Check out the list of their services:

For inquiries and bookings:
Call or text: 09177192455

⏰ Operating Hours:
Sunday 9am to 8pm
Monday 9am to 8pm
Tuesday 9am to 8pm
Wednesday 9am to 8pm
Thursday 9am to 8pm
Friday 9am to 5pm
(Closed on Saturdays)

📍Location: Door 9, Crescini Bldg, CBD II, Triangulo, Naga City
(Beside Dental Aesthetics Center, fronting BUS EXIT gate)

*for limited slots only


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