365 Things To Do In or Near Naga #16: Get Lost in the Beauty of Hunongan Cove

365 Things To Do In or Near Naga #16: Get Lost in the Beauty of Hunongan Cove

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Get Lost in the Beauty of Hunongan Cove

Located in Ilawod, Caramoan, Hunongan Cove is the key to your next memorable summer getaway! You can find this paradise in Hunongan Island, an island filled with tropical forest and its best feature, the Hunongan Cove.

If you’ve been to Calaguas, Palawan, and Boracay, you’ll definitely agree that Hunongan Cove is also something you can never miss.

With its white sand and clear waters and consistent big waves, you’ll truly forget the stress of the busy city life. The gigantic rock formations are also pleasing and are an excellent back draft for your next Instagram post.

If you’re planning for a Summer getaway in this place, you can stay at the Hunongan Cove Resort which offers excellent accommodation and a great dining experience.

To visit the place, you can take a 4-5 hour bus ride from Naga to Caramoan and a two-hour boat ride to Hunongan Cove.

Ready to visit this place?

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