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Al Fresco dining is the new normal. Open air or outdoor restaurants and cafes became the newest trend to cope and thrive in the food and beverage industry this pandemic. While the Litton Hotel is located right at the center of Magsaysay Avenue that is surrounded and dominated with local restaurants and cafes catering to the different tastes and cravings of every Nagueno, we can also find some outdoor restaurants and cafes just a few drives away from the Litton Hotel for a unique and memorable gastronomic experience. 

But before recommending some of the outdoor restos and cafes nearby, Let’s try the food at Litton’s in-house cafe first. 

Litton Cafe

The Litton Cafe serves a variation of Mediterranean, American and Filipino cuisines that will surely give you an extraordinary gastronomic experience while staying at the Litton Hotel. With its elegant and homey ambiance giving you a scenic view of the busy Magsaysay Avenue, you can dine-in to relax, enjoy and engage in meaningful conversations over the food and drinks. 

After trying Litton Cafe, Here some of the notable and recommended outdoor restos and cafes in Naga and nearby the Litton Hotel:

  1. Bob Marlin Restaurant
    Location: Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
    Distance from Litton: 600m

Photo credits: Bob Marlin Restaurant Facebook page

Bob Marlin Restaurant is the home of the best Bicolano dishes and Filipino cuisine that
will give you an extraordinary dining and gastronomic experience as you get a taste of
the sumptuous meal they serve. Bob Marlin is known for their Crispy Pata which won a
national award and their Dinuguan which is a highly recommended must try. Moreover,
Bob Marlin has an Al Fresco Patio where you can dine in the open and indulge in its
homey and vibrant ambiance.   

  1. Seoul 199
    Location: Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Distance from Litton: 550m

Photo credits: Seoul 199 Facebook Page

If you are up to satisfying your samgyeopsal cravings and your Korean taste over grilled meat, you can head right out to Seoul 199 which is just a few blocks away from Litton. This is one scene in Magsaysay Avenue that seems to be straight out of a KDrama. Dine in, grill the meat and savor the variety of Korean side dishes. A good place to avail the unli Korean buffet until your heart’s content.

Photo credits: Seoul 199 Facebook Page

  1. Soledad

Location: La Piazza corner, Magsaysay and Dayangdang Sts. Naga City
Distance from Litton: 150m

Soledad is a Spanish-Filipino restaurant that serves authentic Filipino and Spanish dishes with a fusion of a Bicolano taste that will definitely make you full in every dine. Not only it delivers the classic savory and festive dishes but also a cozy ambiance that will make you feel right at home.   

  1. Mama Sarah’s Lettuce Garden
    Location: Zone 9, Pacol, Naga City
    Distance from Litton: 8.6km

Photo credits: Mama Sarah’s Lettuce Garden- Pacol Facebook page

For the health conscious, vegetarians and fans of healthy living diet, Mama Sarah’s Lettuce Garden is the place for you to try out. Freshly picked homegrown lettuce from Mama Sarah’s Garden adds flavor and color to every meal being served, especially their lettuce silog meals. Aside from it being located at uptown Naga in Pacol, you can enjoy not just the variety of healthy menu to choose from but also the fresh air and relaxing ambiance of being uptown.   

Photo credits: Mama Sarah’s Lettuce Garden- Pacol Facebook Page

  1. Pin Cafe
    Location: KM 5, Pacol, Naga City

Distance from Litton: 4.3km

Photo Credits: Pin Cafe Facebook page

If you are looking for an Instagrammable or picture-perfect cafe where you can enjoy the view of the picturesque Mt. Isarog and the cool ambiance of being uptown, you can visit Pin Cafe. They are serving coffee, frappes, refreshments, desserts, pastas and other snacks. 

Photo Credits: Pin Cafe Facebook page

  1. Arco Diez Cafe
    Location: Zone 1, Km. 10, Pacol, Naga City

Distance from Litton: 8.8km

Photo credits: Arco Diez Cafe Facebook page

Another one in the uptown that you can visit especially for coffee is Arco Diez. Arco Diez is considered as your neighborhood cafe at the foot of Mt. Isarog. While they are known for their homegrown quality and specialty coffees, they brought a unique scene to the city of Naga not just through passionately serving a fresh from farm to cup coffee but also by serving homemade dishes that will bring you comfort and satisfaction on every visit. As an outdoor cafe, Arco Diez is frequented mostly by cyclists, joggers and by those who want to escape the noise of the city and seeks the tranquility in enjoying a coffee uptown. 

Photo credits: Arco Diez Cafe Facebook page

  1. Didick’s Kina-Log
    Location: Pacol, Carolina-Boundary, Naga City

Distance from Litton: 11.4km

Photo credits: Didick’s Kina-log Fan Page

Every visit in Naga City is not complete without trying out the most popular Bicolano dish, Kinalas. Kinalas is a delicious noodle soup similar to mami that is made from tender meat extracted from pork or beef head with a thick brown sauce, garnished and flavored with spices and served in hot broth. Didick’s Kinalog is just among the Kinalasan at the uptown Naga that is also frequently visited for their Kinalas and Loglog and will surely make you come back again. Eating Kinalas is perfect this rainy season.

With the Litton Hotel being strategically located at Magsaysay Avenue which is considered as Naga City’s dining district, travelers and guests can easily explore to see more of what the Maogmang Lugar has to offer and redefine what is a real gastronomic experience. 

Whether you are staying for business, leisure or staycation, make every memory count and tell your stories by staying at the LITTON HOTEL—  a place where comfort and convenience is at its finest. 

Note: Article written by Kyna de Castro


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