Litton Hotel’s Nearby Best Spots to Watch the Fluvial Procession

Litton Hotel’s nearby best spots to watch the Fluvial Procession

Every year, the Naga River comes to life as it is filled with colorful boats and overwhelming emotions as the Fluvial Procession marks the return of the image of Our Lady of Penafrancia and Divino Rostro from Naga Metropolitan Cathedral to its residence in Basilica Minore. The historic Naga River is a witness of Bicolanos strong Marian devotion to Our Lady of Penafrancia as the voyadores in their colorful boats sail in the rivers accompanying Our Inang Penafrancia home. 

Want to watch the Fluvial Procession? Here are some of the best spots nearby The Litton Hotel where you can actually watch the Fluvial Procession:

1. Colgante Bridge

Despite its tragic history, the collapse of the Colgante Bridge during the Fluvial Procession in 1972 which caused the perish of an estimated 140 people including the people from the media covering the Fluvial Procession, the present-day Colgante Bridge is now made of cement and concrete. However, they are always limiting the bridge access to people every Fluvial Procession. You may watch along the riverside near Colgante Bridge. Don’t forget to bring essentials like umbrellas, cap, water and food to avoid leaving your post and other inconveniences. 

2. Centro Square

Centro Square is located near the Colgante Bridge. Every year, they are offering merienda buffet promos with inclusion to fluvial viewing from their balconies where you can enjoy an aerial view of the Fluvial Procession. To make it more convenient, you may also book a room in advance since Centro Square is also a transcient hotel and dormitel that can accommodate guests and local during Penafrancia Fiesta . 

3. Uma Residences

The newly constructed Uma Residences set to open soon is one of the best spots to watch the Fluvial Procession. This mid-rise condominium located at Magsaysay Avenue can offer a spectacular view of the Fluvial Procession within the comforts of the room or unit or at their viewing deck. You can book a room in advance at their condotel or buy some of the remaining available units to secure a slot. 

4. F3’s Riverside Foodpark

Since the Riverside Foodpark is strategically located along the riverbanks of Naga River, it would be an advantage to watch the Fluvial Procession there up close. The Riverside Food Park offers fluvial viewing in which you can reserve a slot at the food park through the Fluvial Viewing For A Cause. Not only do you get to have the privilege of a front-row seat in watching the Fluvial Procession but also, avail yourself of the food they serve as it is just right within your fingertips once you get hungry.  

5. Eurotel

If you want to a have a view of the image of Our Lady of Penafrancia and Divino Rostro being carried towards the pagoda at near the Naga People’s Mall (Public Market), the starting point of the Fluvial Procession, you may book for a room in advance at Eurotel which is located near the Naga River covering the Tabuco area. Eurotel also offers promos which includes space for fluvial viewing.   

6. Paseo del Rio Bicol Pub

Paseo del Rio is located along the riverside near the Panganiban bridge. It is also a good spot to watch the Fluvial Procession upclose. You will also not worry about food or drinks because of the street food bazaars. 

When you check in at The Litton Hotel, make sure that you make most of your stay this Penafrancia fiesta and be part of the biggest Marian Devotion in the world.  

Note: Article written by Kyna de Castro


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