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Blue Water Day Spa Naga Theater Room

Remember the song that goes like

It’s that time of year when good friends are dear, and you wish you could give more than just presents from a store…

So go ahead and do something different this year. Be creative. Hold your mini-reunion or mini-Christmas party at a wonderful new location — Blue Water Day Spa Naga — and get one of their Theater Room Packages.

Blue Water Day Spa Naga offers a cool and unique idea for a gathering of friends and officemates. Instead of going for the usual Christmas party, do a Christmas SPArty, instead. It’s all about the Theater Room. You get to relax and enjoy some pampering while you spend quality time bonding with your friends and officemates over a sweet flick at Blue Water Day Spa’s plush Theater Room. It’s a Movie and Spa Date in one!

So go on. Set the date (click here to book your spa party) with a group of your favorite friends and officemates. Head on over to Blue Water Day Spa Naga, choose any of the 3 Theater Room Packages, and have a merry Christmas SPArty.

To book your package, click on the button below. Fill out the form and an email will be sent directly to Blue Water Day Spa Naga. You may also book personally or through phone, or you can simply use the contact numbers below to confirm your spa party booking.

Blue Water Day Spa Naga

Premium Naga City Spa

#301 Deca Corporate Center, Panganiban Drive
Naga City, Camarines Sur

Phone: 054-881-2034
Cellphone: 0936-783-8067

Blue Water Day Spa Naga’s Christmas SPArty Theater Room Packages are great for a group of friends and officemates. Every one of these packages lets you and company enjoy great perks.

  • Theater Room Packages: Perks

    • Use of the Theater Room – Keep calm, relax and enjoy a movie

    Bluewater Day Spa Naga has this super cool Theater Room. It’s a real movie room with a white big projection screen and Lazy Boy recliners — and it’s free to use with Bluewater Day Spa’s Christmas Spa Party Theater Room Packages. You and your besties can watch a movie while you enjoy your spa services.

    Note: If there are at least 10 of you in your group, you can get exclusive use of the Theater Room. That’s a big win in my book!

    • Discounts Galore – Keep calm and save

    Every one of the three Theater Room Packages gives you a discount — from an actual price slash and/or throwing in a free service. Bring your friends, get a theater room package, and you don’t only get to hang out with your best buddies, you also enjoy premium spa services at a deeply discounted price. That’s one sweet deal, don’t you agree?

    • Freebies – Keep calm and stay stress-free with a FREE mani or pedi

    With the Bonding Moment Treat A package or the Couples Treat package, you get either a Free Manicure or a Free Pedicure — a service which, if you get it on its own, costs PhP 375.

Bring a bunch of friends and officemates to Blue Water Day Spa Naga, and choose from the following Theater Room Packages. The more friends you bring, the more you save and the greater value you get!

  • Theater Room Packages: Choices

    1. Couples Treat (Best Value)

    Price: P2,500.00 per pair (P1,250.00 per person)
    You save: P525.00 per person

    Original Price Discounted Price
    Luxurious Foot Spa  750.00 750.00
    Manicure OR Pedicure 375.00 *FREE*
    Swedish Massage 650.00 500.00
    TOTAL 1,775.00 1,250.00


    2. Bonding Moment Treat A (Great Value)

    Price: P750.00 per person
    You save: P375.00

    Original Price Discounted Price
    Luxurious Foot Spa  750.00  750.00
    Manicure OR Pedicure P375.00 *FREE*
    TOTAL 1,125.00 750.00


    3. Bonding Moment Treat B

    Price: P750.00 per person
    You save: P150.00

    Original Price Discounted Price
    Foot Reflexology  550.00 470.00
    Indian Head and Shoulder Massage 350.00 280.00
    TOTAL 900.00 750.00

So come one, come all. It just gets better the more friends and officemates you bring.

Blue Water Day Spa Naga also offers custom spa party packages for corporate clients. If you are interested in adding a Blue Water Day Spa Group Date to your company benefits/incentives package or you simply want to hold a Christmas Spa Party for your employees, check this out!

Blue Water Day Spa Corporate Accounts Packages

BOOK YOUR SPA PARTY NOW! Contact Blue Water Day Spa Naga

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