Royaltea Brew Cafe: The Newest Coffee Shop in Naga City Centro

Royaltea Brew Cafe: The Newest Coffee Shop in Naga City Centro

For the longest time, I’ve been waiting to enjoy a cup of my favorite drink at a coffee shop in the center of Naga City. Most of the good cafes we have are located in the busy strip of Magsaysay, in Uptown Naga, or at the malls. I’ve always longed for a cafe where I can just walk around Plaza Rizal, enjoy the hustle and buzzle of the city, smell the sumptuous street food being served, and then later step into a cozy coffee shop that serves good coffee! That’s why when I heard about a coffee shop in Naga City Centro, I didn’t waste any time and paid a visit to this newfound hangout place, the Royaltea Brew Cafe!

Take A Peek of the Royaltea Brew Cafe

If you’re at Plaza Rizal, take a few steps and be welcomed by this new royalty! Actually, the Royaltea Brew Cafe started as a small milk tea shop for to-go orders.

Located beside 3GX Solutions and just in front of the iconic Ice Blink and the mouth-watering lane of street food at Plaza Rizal, the small shop thrived even during the pandemic. It’s been serving flavorful milk tea to our sweet-tooth friends.

And now that the borders have loosened up and the city is ready to welcome its excited guests, Royaltea Brew Cafe was born to cater to those who want not just milk tea, but premium coffee as well.

Royaltea Brew & Cafe is a small little coffee shop that offers not just coffee, frappe, milk tea, snacks, and pastries, but a place to relax, meet with friends or spend some time. If you enjoy the music of Adele, you’ll probably hear it blasting from their sound system. The shop is fully-airconditioned and it’s the perfect location during a sunny day when you want to quench your thirst and ease the heat!

What I like most about this little coffee shop in Naga City Centro is that the area is so accessible. You don’t have to take a long ride. A stroll won’t hurt!

Aside from the branch in Naga City Centro, Royaltea Brew & Cafe also has a second branch located in Villa Sorabella Subdivision, Concepcion Grande Naga City.

Our Verdict on the Newest Coffee Shop in Naga City Centro

Again, I’m always hands-down for the choice of location. It’s just so practical after running errands and just taking a well-deserved rest. We already know that their milk teas are yummy! But you also have to try their coffee! The Iced Caramel Macchiato is divine! It definitely tastes premium! I also enjoyed their Cheesy Nachos and their bubble waffle topped with strawberries too.

Now, if you’re going to ask me whether I’ll be back there again? Totally! Royaltea Brew Cafe is a must-visit place if you’re just in Naga!

Excited to experience what we had? Head now to Royaltea Brew Cafe!

The main branch is located on Elias Angeles Street, beside the new Landbank.

They are open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. They are also available via FoodPanda, Grab, Hungrily & Maxim!


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