Café RoSa Version 2.0: A Revisit on a Must-See Agritourism Farm in Bicol

Café RoSa Version 2.0: A Revamp on the Coolest Agritourism Farm in Bicol

We all fell in love when we saw how simple, yet beautiful Café RoSa was when it opened its doors to the public last year. It was a breath of fresh air. We got so fed up with the usual cafes that when Café RoSa, a café inside an agritourism farm named Happy Beetle Farms, announced its opening, everyone just felt excited. Truly, this agritourism farm in Bicol is one of the most coveted cafes in the region.

But before we highlight what’s new, let’s take a look at what inspired Café Rosa!

The Humble Beginning of this Must-See Agritourism Farm in Bicol

Cafe RoSa humbly started as a farm where the owners initially grew lettuce, strawberries, and trees. Their affinity for planting and farming became their stepping stone into planting different plants such as local and ornamental plants.

But since they don’t have an agricultural background, the owners faced challenges that made them want to share their agricultural journey. Hence, flora plant features always change as they start to understand more about how plants thrive and grow…

Since it has a beautiful view of Mt. Isarog, the owners imagined a place where you can just sit down, stare at the view and have coffee.  Realizing the need for open spaces (due to the pandemic), they thought of sharing their farm to others who just might need a breather. That’s how Cafe RoSa was born.

They, however, did not imagine after opening that people would flock to their small Café.  The rave to visit the cafe became so overwhelming that the owners themselves decided to give Café Rosa an upgrade to better accommodate guests!

Let’s Take A Look at Cafe Rosa 2.0

One of the downsides of creating a cafe close to nature is its exposure to extreme weather conditions. But lo and behold, this new version of the cafe is ready to accommodate guests, rain or shine! Now, everyone can enjoy a more comfortable dining experience despite ever-changing weather conditions!

And since Cafe RoSa has reopened, here are some things to look forward to:

New Building and New Interiors – A newly constructed rustic building now stands proudly at the original location of the first version of the cafe. They also updated the interiors for Plantitos and Plantitas at heart to enjoy! The owners decided to bring the outside in with their garden-inspired interior for a refreshing and comfortable dining experience!

New Food Items – Cafe Rosa now features local cuisine such as tabagwang, abo, etc. They also developed food twists like papaya fries, sisig pizza, and many more! You definitely need to try their fresh from-the-farm items such as Café Rosa Blue Tarnatea Tea, Café Rosa Blue Coffee, and Celosia Chips!

And now that Café Rosa 2.0, perhaps the coolest agritourism farm in Bicol, has reopened its doors to everyone, here are some fun facts you need to know.

Foods Made of Freshly Picked Ingredients from their Agritourism Farm – Happy Beetle Farms

Do you know what sets Café RoSa apart from other cafes? The food! With their burning passion to provide great and healthier options to their patrons, the owners decided to use the ingredients they’re growing from Happy Beetle Farms. From lemons to calamansi, lettuce, and Celosia, Café RoSa offers creative ways to enjoy healthier food options while satisfying your food cravings. 

What we really loved about this is that they designed a more inclusive menu because everyone can enjoy the food they like. You can have your pizza, burger, pasta, salads, or greens, it’s up to you! Hola, they’re also serving blue ternate tea!

Our final thought about their food? Don’t walk, RUN! Their food is amazing.

A Safe Space for Wellness and Breathtaking View

If you ever become tired of the city and you want a place to reboot and unwind, Café RoSa is more than ready to embrace you. The cold breeze will take your mind away from the troubles of the demanding life. 

And again, you will fall in love over and over again with the serenity and beauty the place offers. Wait until the darkness blanket the sky and you’ll see how romantic their place is, not to mention the astounding beauty of the night sky. It was JUST WOW!

A Call for Appreciation to our Local Flora

Everyone raved about how beautiful the tulips are in Holland, and the Sakura in Japan but how about our very own flowers? Café RoSa challenges everyone not just to indulge in good food and beautiful sights. If you were astounded by the garden centers in Singapore, Japan, or Australia, it’s time to appreciate our local flora as well. And it’s one of the goals of this agritourism farm to plant endemic flowers and highlight them as part of our culture and it’s part of our nature here in the Philippines. 

But since they don’t have an agricultural background (being an engineer and a lawyer), the owners are just starting to understand more about how plants thrive and grow.  With this, expect feature plants to keep on changing throughout the year.  They also share their agricultural journey with all who are interested.

Perhaps, one of the reasons why I personally love this cafe is that the owners made this from scratch. The menu, the choice of food ingredients, the design of the entire place, all came from the owners themselves. And of course, with the participation of Mother Nature. What started as a vision became a beautiful reality and I can’t wait to see the moment Cafe RoSa reached its entire potential!

If you haven’t been to Café RoSa and you want a taste of heaven, it’s about time to take a short ride and experience it yourself!

Located in Zone 6, Carancang Magarao, Happy Beetle Farms & Cafe RoSa is located near the famous cafes and restos in Uptown Naga. It’s found close to Arco Diez, Mama Sarrah’s Lettuce Garden, Didick’s Kinalas, and M&M Lomi Batangas.

They are open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


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