Puwestohan Grill: The Go-To Bar and Grill in Naga City

Puwestohan Grill: The Go-To Bar and Grill in Naga City

A night of laughter with friends and family while enjoying good food and good drinks is definitely one of the best ways to spend your weekend. However, most of the time, food and drinks don’t usually go hand in hand. Some restos lack options for good drinks and some bars don’t offer good food. There are exceptions, of course, some bars also serve food. But in all honesty, bars can be noisy, don’t have a good ambiance and the food can be disappointing. That’s why when we tried Puwestohan Grill, we definitely believed that this is the ultimate Go-To Bar and Grill in Naga City!

Bar and Grill, What?

The concept of Bar and Grill, from the word itself, is a combination of a bar and a grill. Usually, people visit this place where they can enjoy sumptous food and alcoholic beverages at the same time.

Puwestohan Grill: Your Next Tambayan in Naga City

When the owners started Puwestohan Grill, its main purpose was to become a simple place where they can get-together with friends after a busy day of work.

However, when one of the partners departed this life, the two remaining owners decided to step up their game in honor of their partner and friend, Carlo.

Now, they have made Puwestohan Grill an ultimate hangout place for people who are seeking fun, great food experience minus the hassles and noisiness of an actual bar.

An Ultimate Gastronomic Experience

If you’re a foodie or that person who loves bingeing the pulutan, Puwestohan Grill is your happy place!

The melt in the mouth Grilled Tuna Belly is my personal favorite. It was heavenly. We had to ask for extra rice because of that particular viand!

If you want a satisfied tummy, their Sinigang na Salmon Head & Belly is perfect for you. It’s light and tasty!

If you love Sisig, you should try their Puwestohan Sisig! The recipe is original Kampampangan! It’s not the usual crispy sisig that we’ve come to know, that sometimes become oily. It’s definitely creamy and flavorful!

Not to mention the Beef Salpicao! It’s tender and juicy!

They also serve pika-pika, which is perfect while enjoying a fun chatter and drinking with friends! We also enjoyed their own recipe of crispy Nachos, fish fillet and calamari!

If you’re in for exotic foods, you’ll be happy to know that they’re also serving exotic food finds such as Adobong Damulag, Sinuglaw and Rabbit Adobo sa Gata.

And did you know that they’re serving SUBZERO Ice Cold Beers?

Puwestohan Grill is perfect if you want to bring along your visitors during this Peñafrancia Fiesta because you’ll be getting your money’s worth!

But wait, there’s more, they also have KTV Bars in case you prefer an intimate salo-salo and bonding with friends and family. You just have to reserve your slot beforehand!

We also heard that they’re accepting orders for all occasions such as the following:

✅Packed Meals

✅Party Trays

✅Catering Service (In house)

They are open daily from 3:00 pm to 12:00 mn.

For Inquiries and reservation:
DM them on their Facebook page or you may call them on this no:

📍DSI Building Magsaysay Ave. Naga City beside Thumbs Up Carwash near Villa Caceres Hotel.


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