Peñafrancia Fiesta Must Try: Buffet at Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant

Jimmy and Tangs weekend buffet

In Naga for Peñafrancia Fiesta 2016? Then a Naga City Restaurants “tour” must be on your list of things to do in Naga. And one of the things you must try when in Naga is the Buffet at Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant.

And there’s great news for Peñafrancia Fiesta 2016 visitors. If you are in for the Peñafrancia festivities, you’re in luck. Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurants buffet is available ALL the Saturdays and Sundays of September.

Scroll down to see schedule for September.


About Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant

Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant, located on Magsaysay Avenue Extension in Brgy. Liboton, is one of Naga City’s favorite dining destinations. Especially popular is their Lunch Buffet and Dinner Buffet every Saturday and Sunday. Their buffet will satisfy your cravings for unlimited servings of favorite Filipino dishes.  Thus, Bicolanos and tourists from other parts of the country as well as from overseas come for the Jimmy and Tang’s Filipino food buffet.

Jimmy and Tangs Restaurant Best Choice Award

Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant bags the 2016 Best Choice Award for Filipino Buffet Restaurant (Camarines Sur)


Lunch Buffet and Dinner Buffet Schedule for Peñafrancia Fiesta 2016

Before anything else, note the buffet start times:

Lunch Buffet: 11am – 2pm
Dinner Buffet: 6pm – 9pm

Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant will serve lunch buffet and dinner buffet, as usual, on all weekends of September. Specifically, the lunch and dinner buffet will be available on the following dates of September:

September 3 (Saturday)

4 (Sunday)

10 (Saturday)
Peñafrancia Fiesta event for this day: The Regional Band, Majorette and Fancy Drill Competition at 7am

After (watching or participating in) The Regional Band, Majorette and Fancy Drill Competition, you’ll probably be in the mood for a hearty lunch. So head on over with your team or your family and friends to Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant for their Weekend Lunch Buffet.

11 (Sunday)
Peñafrancia Fiesta event for this day: The 2016 Naga Highland Triathlon at 5am

17 (Saturday)
Peñafrancia Fiesta event for this day: Fluvial Procession at 4pm

If you’re in Naga for the Fluvial Procession, you may have either the lunch or dinner buffet.

If you’re already in Naga at lunch time, try the lunch buffet at Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant. Then you can proceed to your choice Fluvial Procession vantage point right after.

Or you may want to eat after the Fluvial Procession, instead. Then you should come for their dinner buffet on that Saturday. Of course, if coming for a post-Fluvial Procession dinner buffet, it’d probably be best to walk to Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant. At that time, Magsaysay and Peñafrancia Avenue is likely to be too crowded for both public and private vehicles to make much headway.

18 (Sunday)
This is the feast day of Our Lady of Peñafrancia – so this is Fiesta Day!

If you have special, from-out-of-town guests for the fiesta, just bring them over to Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant. You won’t have to cook anything, and you can be sure lunch will be a treat.

24 (Saturday)
Peñafrancia Fiesta event for this day: 4th Regional Cheer and Dance Competition at 4pm

25 (Sunday)



Planning to celebrate fiesta (Sept 18) at the Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant weekend buffet? Call ahead – waaay ahead – to reserve seats.

Click for Jimmy and Tang’s phone number and address.


Weekend Lunch Buffet and Dinner Buffet Sample Menu

A Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant buffet typically includes soups, salads, pastas/noodles, desserts, fish, meat, and seafood.

And a lunch or dinner buffet at Jimmy and Tang’s COULD (please note the operative word, “could”) include the following: Kinunot, Lechon Kawali, Dinuguan, Kare-Kare, Crab Relleno, Bopis, Baby Back Ribs, Pork Barbecue, Kinalas, Tinumtuman, Bicol Express, Laing, Fried Lumpiang Ubod, Tempura, Tanguigui Steak, Paella, Clam Pasta, Carbonara, Nacho Salad, Green Salad, Mixed Veggies, Ginatang Mais, Mini Burgers, Cheese Pimiento Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Caramel Tart, Ice Scramble, etc.

Again, let me repeat that not all of the above can be present at any single buffet and that the actual menu for any given buffet could vary depending on the availability of ingredients.

[Of course, during the Anniversary Buffet last November 2015, every one of the above-mentioned dishes made an appearance.]

CONGRATULATIONS po Sir Jimmy & Ma’am Tang for a Very, very, very Successful 1st day of Jimmy & Tang’s Restaurant’s 1st…

Posted by Naga City Guide on Saturday, November 14, 2015


Weekday Peñafrancia Fiesta Food Trip at Jimmy and Tang’s

How about those who can’t be in Naga for any weekend of September? The good news is that Jimmy and Tang’s is open all days of the week, but there is no buffet during weekdays. So if you’re in Naga for the Traslacion (September 9, 2016, Friday), you can visit Jimmy and Tang’s for brunch or an early lunch and order food from their menu.

Try the Platters if Dining as a Group

Jimmy and Tang’s Restaurant has a wide menu selection so you should be spoiled for choice. A group of two or three people can check out their group meal platters.

Chicken Parmesan Platter P650
Golden fried Chicken Parmesan with Garlic Parmesan and Parsley dipping sauce, Golden Fried Fish Fillet with Garlic Mayo dipping sauce, and Java Rice
Chicken Parmesan Platter
Buffalo Wings Platter P650
Buffalo wings with a mildly spicy, sticky glaze and a Tomato with Chili sauce, Golden Fried Fish Fillet with Garlic Mayo dipping sauce, and Java Rice
Buffalo Wings Platter

Crispy Bacon Bagnet Platter P600
Deep-fried, crunchy, and thin strips of Crispy Bacon Bagnet with Sukang Natural with Garlic dipping sauce, Golden Fried Fish Fillet with Garlic Mayo dipping sauce, and Java Rice.
Crispy Bacon Bagnet Platter

Snacks or Dessert Anyone?

If you’re in the mood for a light snack or a great appetizer, try their Chicken Crepe Pockets. These divine treats are crepe filled with creamy and flavorful roast chicken meat tied into cute little bundles with a piece of spring onion then served with a sour cream dipping sauce.
Chicken Crepe Pockets
And if you’ve a hankering for something sweet, try (in the words of Ma’am Tang) “The Leche Flan to Die For.” It is smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, creamy, caramel-ly, but not overly sweet – it will hit just the right spot for Pinoy leche flan fans.
Leche Flan

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