Goggle-Eyed at RJ’s Buffet

villa caceres hotel rjs buffet cold cuts

Most of us have probably long accepted (I know I had) that a Naga City buffet restaurant approaching the likes of Vikings and Yakimix is still much too much of a gamble – a burden, even – in a relatively small city like Naga. There’s no denying the fact that Nagueños love to eat; but providing a mountain of food choices for a single cover charge to a limited market (definitely limited compared to that of Metro Manila) is risky, to say the least. But Mr. Robert Obiedo of Villa Caceres Hotel is obviously a man ahead of the times, for he broke all such notions by launching RJ’s Buffet, effectively creating an entirely separate buffet restaurant category right here in Naga City.
villa caceres rjs buffet

RJ’s Buffet is one of the food outlets in Villa Caceres Hotel. It officially opened on December 7, 2017, but we at Naga City Guide were given a glimpse of the variety it offers diners in the Media and Event Suppliers Night last December 4.

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So My husband and I, again with our 7-month-old son in tow, made our way to RJ’s Buffet that night, signed our name on the guest log, went inside the buffet hall (which used to house Bistro Roberto), and stopped dead in our tracks. Yes, we’ve seen bigger buffets and bigger halls in Metro Manila. But we weren’t expecting to see anything remotely like it at RJ’s Buffet – and there we were looking at it.

So like kids in a candy store, we roamed around and started looking everywhere all at once. Every section was a discovery, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from making embarrassing cooing and oohing noises . It was just too much to take in that I gave up midway to sit in a corner. 😀

Suffice it to say, we were duly impressed.

It was a lot to take in. There was a sushi section (my favorite), and other Japanese food goodies (think Yakitori, tempura, etc). There were cold cuts, fried stuff, grilled things (including seafood). There were Bicolano favorites (laing, pinangat, Bicol express, etc.), Filipino favorites (humba, kare-kare, dinuguan, lengua, etc.), Western dishes (roast beef, among others), all sorts of canapĂ©s and other Hors d’oeuvres, all manners of cakes and sweets and desserts, breads, native snacks/delicacies, cold cuts, all kinds of juices and drinks, a nacho station, a salad station, a fresh fruits section, a halo-halo station, a chocolate fountain with the works, and lots more I’m sure I missed.

And RJ’s Buffet’s tagline is Fiesta All Day. Easily explained. A lot of food (and drinks) available everyday, all day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) – what could be simpler?

Hungry yet? I know, I am. Just recalling all that food is making me crave more of the same. So for all of you out there who wish to give RJ’s Buffet a whirl, below are the pertinent details.


Breakfast 6AM to 9AM
Lunch 11AM to 2:30PM
Dinner 6PM to 10PM




Everyday Mondays to Thursdays Fridays to Sundays Holidays
Breakfast 499
Lunch 699 749 749
Dinner 749 849 849



Below 3 feet tall FREE OF CHARGE
Below 4 feet tall 50%



Leftover charge 1,000



Bistro 360 Cardholder 20%
VIP Gold Cardholder 20%
HRC Cardholder 20%
MVP Cardholder 20%
Bingo Boutique VIP Cardholder 20%
Senior Citizen 20%
But a Senior Citizen, 75 years old and above – who can show a valid ID with his/her birthdate on it AND is accompanied by 2 full-paying adults – EATS FOR FREE.
Person with Disability 20%
Villa Caceres Hotel In-House Guest 20%
Robertson Hotel In-House Guest 20%



10 persons and above 10%
25 persons and above 20%
50 persons and above 25%
75 persons and above 27%
100 persons and above 30%
Rules applicable to group discounts:

  • At least 2 days’ prior reservation and full payment required upon reservation.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or availed with a Gift Certificate.
  • Unused number of persons or seats will be forfeited in favor of RJ’s Buffet and will not be refunded or converted to GCs.
  • Excess number of persons or seats will be charged the full rate.
  • Discounts valid until further notice.



FREE Buffet for Birthday Celebrants on his/her Birth Day or Birth Month.


  • Birthday celebrant MAY EAT FOR FREE ON HIS BIRTHDAY, provided he/she’s accompanied by 2 full-paying adults
  • Birthday celebrant MAY EAT FOR FREE FOR ONE MONTH, provided it’s within a month of his/her birthday and he/she’s accompanied by 5 full-paying adults.
  • Documentary requirement: Original, Valid and Government-Issued Photo ID with birthdate imprinted on the ID. In case celebrant does not have a government-isued ID, Birth Certificate and 1 supporting ID (school ID, parent’s ID, company ID).
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or availed with a Gift Certificate.
  • Discounts valid until further notice.



FREE Buffet for Couples celebrating their Wedding Anniversary on their Anniversary Day or Anniversary Month.


  • Anniversary celebrants MAY EAT FOR FREE ON THEIR ANNIVERSARY, provided they’re accompanied by 4 full-paying adults
  • Anniversary celebrants MAY EAT FOR FREE FOR ONE MONTH, provided it’s within a month of their anniversary and they’re accompanied by 6 full-paying adults.
  • Documentary requirement: Original Marriage Certificate.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or availed with a Gift Certificate.
  • Discounts valid until further notice.

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