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Selfie Race Station 9

Selfie Race

Clue: Kon’nichiwa! In this establishment – where you’ll find Selfie Race Station 9 – you can dine on maki, sashimi, … Read more »

NCG Selfie Race for Valentine's Day

Selfie Race Station 8

Selfie Race

Clue: You’ll find Selfie Race Station 8 at your most loved homegrown specialty coffee shop in Naga. Sip. Taste. Discover. … Read more »

Selfie Race Station 7

Selfie Race

Clue: This establishment is the home of – in our opinion – the best-tasting Quattro Formaggio (i.e. Four Cheese) pizza … Read more »

Selfie Race Station 6

Selfie Race

Clue: This establishment is a theme cafe. It’s perfect for friends and family who wish to bond over some coffee, … Read more »

Selfie Race Station 5

Selfie Race

Clue: It spells “Flavors” the British way. Not clue enough? It offers a wonderful gastronomic experience with its selection of … Read more »

H.Bar Body Lounge Spa

Selfie Race Station 4

Selfie Race

Clue: It’s calm, serene, peaceful. And it smells oh so wonderful. No idea where Selfie Race Station 4 is? Well, … Read more »

Selfie Race Station 3

Selfie Race

Clue: This establishment specializes in fusion Filipino cuisine. Think lechon kawali kare-kare, and you’ll think of this restaurant. Great Filipino … Read more »

Selfie Race Station 2

Selfie Race

Clue: This quaint cafe is found across one of the most famous restaurants in Naga City. It has a whimsical … Read more »

Selfie Race Station 1

Selfie Race

Clue: Well, it’s home to one of Naga City’s most memorable crispy pata. Need I say more? Okay, if you … Read more »