Truck for Rent: Grace and Faith Truck Services Bicol

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If something heavy or bulky needs to be moved, hauled, loaded, transported, conveyed (you get the drift), there’s a new truck for rent service in town you can try: Grace and Faith Truck Services Bicol.

We needed something moved from Oas to Naga. It’s a narra dining set. The set comprises one roundtable (150 cm in diameter) with turntable (71 cm in diameter) and 9 dining chairs (weighing some 8.5 kg each). You can imagine how heavy and bulky the set is. It would be impossible (and pretty foolish to try) to transport it through our car or even brother-in-law’s pick-up truck.

So we needed a truck for rent and got in touch with Grace and Faith Truck Services. Within a few days of contact, they got us on their calendar. They left for Oas in the early morning of August 14 and, by lunchtime, we were in possession of our dining set. What an easy, breezy, and oh-so-beautiful transaction!

So let me reiterate. If something heavy or bulky needs to be moved, hauled, loaded, transported, conveyed – and you need to rent an Isuzu Elf or truck – there’s a new trucking service in town you can try: Grace and Faith Truck Services.

Truck for Rent in Bicol

This is Grace and Faith Truck Services in brief.

Services Offered:

  • Lipat Bahay
  • Office Transfer
  • Cargo Hauling & Delivery
  • Pabili/Padala/Pasabay Cargo (example: NAGA to DAET and vice versa)

General Timeframes for Delivery

  • Same day delivery if within Bicol
  • Next day delivery if to NCR

Note: Specific timeframes will, of course, vary according to specific case-use. Our case, for instance, was not a delivery but a “sundo” so they had to do a round trip: Naga – Oas – Naga.

Service Radius:

  • Hauling and Delivery to ALL Areas of Bicol (EXCEPT Catanduanes where delivery is up to port only)
  • Hauling and Delivery to Metro Manila

Note:  For deliveries to the Port of Tabaco (for freight/cargo ultimately destined for Catanduanes), the truck and the truck personnel will be restricted to the pier; if they go beyond the restricted area, they would have to go under quarantine.

Sample Pricing:

  • Within Naga City: P3,000
  • Naga to Legazpi: PhP 6,000
  • Naga to Manila: PhP 18,000

Note:  Specific prices will, of course, depend on specific case-use.

  • All prices are inclusive of diesel, driver, and one helper
  • PhP 1,000 downpayment is required for Bicol Trips
  • PhP P5,000 downpayment is required for trips to Metro Manila
  • Clients can pay online through BDO, BPI or Palawan Pera Padala


  • Drivers and truck personnel regularly get medical certification from the Naga City Hall.
  • Travel Pass for truck personnel is renewed every 15 days.
  • Travel pass to Metro Manila is acquired if there is a schedule.
  • The client is responsible for acquiring permits for his cargo (if applicable).

How to Avail:

To reserve your date, you may contact Grace and Faith Truck Services through the following:

isuzu elf and mitsubishi van driver and porter_grace and faith trucking services

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