Bob Marlin Restaurant

Project Type: Online Advertising, Online Marketing, Website Development

Online marketing made easy

They make it easy for non-techies to grasp technical concepts of web design, SEO and social media marketing. They have global standards yet very Filipino /Bicolano at heart so marketing is tailor-made to the local setting. They are fun to collaborate with. They really know what they are doing, and results will show.

Jerome P., Owner

Bob Marlin Restaurant is one of the leading restaurants in Bicol, with branches on Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City and Rizal St. in Legazpi City. Bob Marlin is renowned for its Crispy Pata, voted as one of the best Crispy Pata interpretations in the Philippines.

Bob Marlin Restaurant Google Marketing Case Study

website design naga city

Granted, Bob Marlin Restaurant is already a very big brand in Naga City and a restaurant on every tourist’s to check out list when they come over to Naga City.  This is not to say though that this big local brand had serious weaknesses when it comes to their online presence.  For one, it’s website was not even showing up on the 1st page on Google search on “Bob Marlin”.

The Bob Marlin Restaurant Website was our very first local website and search marketing client.  We did a complete overhaul on it’s website and optimized its code for better visibility on Google search results.  It is now ranking 1st in the results page for the search “Bob Marlin”

bm search


It also ranks #1 and #2 for the search term ” Bicolano and Filipino Food Naga City”



and #2 in “Naga City Event Venue” and “Naga City Party Venue”


We did not mention the search ranking of Bob Marlin on the search terms “Best Restaurants Naga City” and similar search terms since food bloggers dominate the search result here and Bob Marlin is almost always mentioned in their posts.

Suffice it to say, The Bob Marlin Website has already attracted quite a number of function room bookings because of the added visibility and website features.  Bob Marlin has since then hired us to run online marketing campaigns for them such as for the opening of their branch in Legazpi City as well as general online awareness campaigns for Bob Marlin.



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