Bob Marlin Restaurant & Grill

Bob Marlin Restaurant & Grill

Category: #ONENAGA, Casual, Restaurant
Location: Magsaysay
Rating: Excellent
Price Category: Affordable
Cuisine: Bicolano , Filipino

Bob Marlin Restaurant is a family restaurant that specializes in serving great Bicolano food as well as the best of Filipino cuisine. One of Naga City’s best restaurants. It is home to one of the best crispy pata in the Philippines. This is according to a poll by the Department of Tourism, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Unilever Foodsolutions in 2010 where Bob Marlin Restaurant emerged as one of the Top 10 “Sooo Pinoy” Awardees for Crispy Pata.

Bob Marlin: Must-Try Restaurant in Bicol

You can find Bob Marlin on Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City. You may also check out their branch in Legazpi City.

Experience the laidback, friendly atmosphere at Bob Marlin Restaurant. It is a place where families and friends can comfortably enjoy tasty local cuisine. It is where locals go for great food and great times – a testament to their genuinely awesome food. Nagueños usually come here to celebrate graduations, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries, among other happy occasions.

But it is not only for locals. Visitors to the Maogmang Lugar (i.e., Naga City) also love hanging out with us. In fact, we are one of the must-visit places and must-try restaurants in Naga City. A trip to Naga simply won’t be complete without dropping by Bob Marlin Restaurant.


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