Woodstone Kitchen

Woodstone Kitchen & Bar Naga restaurant

Category: #ONENAGA, Casual, Restaurant
Location: Magsaysay
Rating: Excellent
Cuisine: Bicolano , Filipino , Fusion

Woodstone Kitchen is a Naga City Restaurant owned and operated by Chef Ton Castillo. Chef Ton is known for his innovative approach to preparing classical Pinoy and Bicolano favorites. Chef Ton’s playful approach to Filipino and Bicolano cuisine ensures exciting choices and a fresh take on Pinoy’s favorite dishes.

You will not lack for choices at Woodstone Kitchen Restaurant. There are all kinds of mains and appetizers as well as desserts. Aside from the signature Asian fusion dishes, Woodstone Kitchen also offers pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts. There’s also a good selection of beverages such as coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, and spirits.


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