365 Things to Do In or Near Naga #3: Stargazing near Mt. Isarog

365 Things to Do In or Near Naga #3: Stargazing near Mt. Isarog

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Grill

Stargazing near Mt. Isarog

There is no better way to do stargazing than being close to Mt. Isarog. From there, you can enjoy the city lights of Naga, at the same time enjoying the natural beauty of the sparkling lights above the sky. We’re telling you, you’ll get the most beautiful picture you have to capture with your own eyes.

Aside from stargazing, even just the chitchat with friends, family, or loved ones can be the most perfect moment! What’s great is that if you ever get so lucky, you don’t have to bring anything because Carolina Grill’s Pop Up Grill is there to satisfy your food cravings. You can enjoy some hotdogs, burgers, sausages, and your choice of drink while having one of the best times of your life!

Take note: You need to bring some sweaters, extra chairs and mats for a better experience. It’s cold up there! <3

Ready to visit this place? Check out the map for direction!

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