Babà Social Dining

Babà Social Dining

Category: Buffet Restaurant, Fine Dining, Restaurant
Location: Peñafrancia Avenue
Cuisine: American , Filipino , Fusion
Specialties: American cuisine , Filipino cuisine

Babà Social Dining is The Carmen Hotel’s flagship restaurant. It is located at the ground floor of The Carmen Hotel. While diners may access the restaurant from the hotel lobby, they may also access it directly through its Peñafrancia Avenue entrance.

Nagueños and tourists to Naga City come for the gourmet fare and the mix of cuisines. Diners may enjoy Western, regional and Filipino dishes. Also available are coffee, tea, pastries, and other beverages.

The Carmen Hotel Restaurant may be booked for private functions and parties. It may also provide catering services to functions and events booked at any of the 4 hotel function rooms.

Diners will especially appreciate the hotel’s modern and contemporary design. And one can’t help but notice how the restaurant’s designers effectively made use of contrasting elements to create one cohesive dining space.

The restaurant is a study of contrasts. In addition to wood, stone and fabric are used. Furthermore, varying hues of yellow, brown, grays, and black bring the dining area to life. Designer lighting highlights and enhances. And contrasting patterns and textures reinforce the contemporary vibe.

The result is a restaurant that is hip and current yet exudes warmth and impeccable taste.

The Carmen Hotel Restaurant has three separate dining areas. Aside from the the main dining area, the restaurant has a patio and a mezzanine. Dine al fresco at the patio, which is just off the Peñafrancia Avenue. And you can access the mezzanine through the main dining area.


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