White Bean Cafe’

White Bean Cafe’

Category: #ONENAGA, Cafe, Restaurant
Location: Centro
Rating: Excellent
Cuisine: American , Asian , Coffee and Tea , Filipino , French , Fusion , Italian , Pasta , Pastries and Desserts

White bean is in contrast with the dark brown color of coffee. This is why White Bean Café has a very intriguing name for a coffee shop. The welcoming pastel colored place contributes to a person’s curiosity.

White Bean Café is the revitalized Trevi Café located in Nagaland Hotel’s ground floor. It is easy to locate due to its dainty pink-white-blue look with the white painted entrance, different from the dim lighted atmosphere of the former coffee shop. The pastel colored ambiance of the place adds to the unique and different feel on drinking coffee because of its refreshing feeling. The lounge couches are comfy to slouch in and feel at home with. Apart from its new look, White Bean Café is also offering a thorough menu of food and beverages that are truly a must try. The complimentary appetizers and pasta dishes that they have on queue on their menu still goes well with coffee.

Nagaland Hotel has never stopped recreating itself piece by piece. New, fresh and revitalizing are only some of the traits White Bean Café is known for. What’s exactly in store with its aromatic coffee and palatable menu is still to watch out for. Share the fresh experience of a revitalized concept of drinking warm cup of coffee from a distinct environment with White Bean Café.


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