514 Spices: Shawarma & Tikka

514 Spices: Shawarma & Tikka

Category: Casual, Restaurant
Location: Bagumbayan Norte, Magsaysay
Cuisine: Mediterranean , South Asian

Shawarma & Tikka, a food kiosk to restaurant business operations existed for nearly 4 years now in Naga City only – a unique food services that caters Mediterranean & South Asian flavors. Operated by and registered under a single ownership business. Customer demands has grown over the period and will expand with another or 2 restaurants to launch this year in Naga City. This is a local pride that soon may offer franchising terms to entrepreneurs. It started as a backyard business whose flavors and food styles originated from a long stint of overseas employment experience in the Middle East.

Genuine flavors & tastes of Mediterranean food such as Shawarma and Chicken Tikka of South Indian style. We serve the best and delicious tasting Shawarma rolls in Naga City and probably in the Philippines. Various dishes such as Shawarma platter, Chicken Tikka, Shawarma Salads, Tikka poppers, including Nachos, etc are also served. Our prices are truly affordable too for every product purchased – for students and regular diners. Fruits shakes and other beverages are great too. Our outlet appearance proves friendly, neat and clean.

Our motto: As we grow, we change, we improve, we serve customers more.

Other Location:  514 Bagumbayan Norte, Naga City, 4400


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