Komentarista Cafe 88.30FM

Komentarista Cafe 88.30FM

Casual, Restaurant
Location: Mayon Avenue
Cuisine: Filipino , Greek , Mediterranean
Specialties: Gyro , Souvlaki

Komentarista Cafe serves delicious and healthy Greek food in Naga City, accompanied by teas from all over the world!  Enjoy … Read more »

Green Earth Cafe'

Green Earth Cafe’

#ONENAGA, Casual, Restaurant, Vegan
Location: Concepcion
Rating: Excellent
Cuisine: American , Asian , Chinese , Filipino , Fusion , Italian , Japanese , Mediterranean
Specialties: Vegan

Green Earth Cafe is a vegan restaurant. It serves appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, flat bread, sandwiches, pastas, rice dishes … Read more »