WRI Senior High – The TVL Track Senior High

WRI Colleges Senior High School

Considering the TVL Track for senior high? Choose WRI Senior High by WRI Colleges.

WRI Colleges is one of the leading Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) accredited training providers in Bicol. If you’re set on the TVL Track, it’s best that you get it from WRI Colleges.

In a nutshell, WRI Colleges is authorized to train and award Certificates of Competency (COCs) and National Certifications (NCs). WRI senior high students, therefore, will have lots of opportunities to acquire such COCs and NCs during senior high school.

And there’s the fact that at WRI Senior High, you don’t need to pay anything extra for tuition. In other schools, the DepEd voucher does not cover the full tuition. At WRI Senior High, the DepEd voucher covers 100% of the tuition fee.

To Inquire

Visit WRI Colleges Naga, WRI Colleges Iriga, or WRI Colleges Goa.

WRI Colleges Naga Address:
WRI Colleges, Concepcion Grande, Naga City

Or call: (054) 472 8733

Trabaho, Negosyo, Kolehiyo – All Possible at WRI Senior High

At WRI Colleges, senior high students will be trained so they have the option to

  1. work right after senior high school,
  2. set up their own business after senior high school,
  3. go to college, OR
  4. work while they go to college.


Why Choose WRI Senior High for the TVL Track?

WRI Colleges is a private college that offers quality education as well as a practical array of career path choices at a practical, affordable cost.  That, in a nutshell, makes WRI Senior High a great choice.

1. Accreditation as a TESDA Training provider

WRI Colleges is accredited to offer many TESDA Training programs. In fact, the TVL Track at WRI will be focused on TESDA training programs. This way, WRI senior high students will get the best value out of their TVL training; after all, they’ll acquire many COCs and NCs during senior high.

2. Quality, private education

At WRI Colleges, faculty members are field practitioners. They teach students what they learned not only from books but from actual, hands-on experience. Faculty members are usually enrolled in graduate studies as well as continuing education programs (at MIT, UP Institute of Technology, and UA&P to name a few). WRI Colleges faculty members also typically lecture at other universities and colleges in Bicol.

3. Proven track record in TVET programs

WRI Colleges is consistent for its 100% passing rates in TESDA training programs. It is known for highly successful graduates and its wide network of industry, government and academic partners. Practicing professionals teach at WRI, and the school has been providing skills training for 28 years now.

4. Registered with DepEd

WRI Colleges has permit from the DepEd to operate and offer its senior high tracks. This also means WRI is qualified to accept DepEd Vouchers.

5. Practicality and Affordability

WRI Colleges will not charge more than the value of the education voucher. As you know, DepEd is providing vouchers to public school students that must go to a private school/college to comply with senior high school requirements.

In other schools, senior high school students (and their beleaguered parents) will need to make up for the difference between the value of their DepEd voucher and the tuition fee the school charges.


The WRI Senior High Program – Particularly Aligned with TESDA Training Programs

WRI S.H.I.N.E.S. (Senior High Integration of New Empowered Students)

WRI Senior High has branches in Naga, Rinconada, and Partido. It has both the academic (specifically the Accountancy, Business and Management or ABM Strand) and the TVL track. It particularly shines in the TVL department, however.

The TVL Track

WRI offers the following strands for the TVL Track: Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Home Economics (HE), Industrial Arts (i.e. Construction), and Agri Arts.

ICT Specializations:

Computer Hardware Servicing NC-2
Computer Programming NC-IV

HE Specializations:

Tourism Promotions NC-II
Events Management NC-III

Industrial Arts Specializations:

Construction Painting

Agri Arts Specializations:


One look at the above specific training courses should tell you that WRI Colleges is set on ensuring that its senior high school graduates will have the skills that TESDA has already identified are in great demand in the labor force marketplace.

This means that if you finish your TVL Track of senior high at WRI Colleges, you’ll be well equipped to work after your senior high graduation.

WRI Senior High = The TVL Track Senior High


To Inquire

Visit WRI Colleges Naga, WRI Colleges Iriga, or WRI Colleges Goa.

WRI Colleges Naga Address:
WRI Colleges, Concepcion Grande, Naga City

Or call: (054) 472 8733

enroll at WRI senior high


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