Stonehouse Gardens Resort

Stonehouse Gardens Resort

Description: Stonehouse Gardens Resort is a breathtaking garden resort that can be found in the foothills of Mount Isarog. You can enjoy a wide variety of activities here. You have the infinity pool which gives you a spectacular view of the rain forest, a tennis court, billiard table, videoke, amazing vegetable and flower gardens you can explore, among others.  The best thing about Stonehouse Gardens Resort is the privacy it gives you. Of note, if you want to visit the resort and avail of their day tour, be sure to give them a call in advance.

Location: Zone 5, Barangay Panicuason, Naga City, Camarines Sur

Entrance Fee: ₱500.00

Hours: Day Tour and Overnight Stay

How to Get There:  Jeepney ride from Panicuason Termininal in Padian Street, downtown Naga. The resort can be found at the foot of the Mount Isarog National Park.

Fare: ₱30.00

Contact Numbers: 0908-450-1932 | 0928-305-2050 | 698-3848


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