Nabuntulan Falls

Nabuntulan Falls

Photo By: Rose Dequito Regalado‎
Naga 365 Photographers Network Group

Description: Not as popular as Malabsay Falls, Nabuntulan Falls is also a good place to visit while in Naga City. Located in Mount Isarog National Park, Nabuntulan Falls also offers its visitors a stunning view of the forest and its crisp, cold waters.  Be warned though that the waters here is much colder than that of Malabsay Falls’ because of its higher location, and the water mist only adds to the coldness.  If you’re going to visit this falls, be sure to bring your trash with you when you leave. Let’s keep this place pristine and clean.

Location: Mount Isarog National Park, Camarines Sur

Entrance Fee:  ₱10.00 (Mount Isarog National Park)

How to Get There:  Jeepney ride from the Panicuason Terminal in Padian Street, downtown Naga, to the entrance of Mount Isarog National Park. Nabuntulan Falls is about a 30-minute hike from the Panicuason Trail, with Nabuntulan Falls going to the left and Malabsay Falls to the right of the trail.  It is best to hire a guide if you are not familiar with the place.

Fare: ₱30.00

Contact Numbers: (054) 473-4432


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