Selfie Race Station 5

Take your selfie here!!!


It spells “Flavors” the British way. Not clue enough? It offers a wonderful gastronomic experience with its selection of dishes with delicately balanced “flavors” (again, spell it the British way). It’s near STI and the bus terminal. And if that’s not enough information, look at the pictures. I’m sure you’ll find the name of this establishment at one of them.

Now, Selfie Race Station 5 is shown in the main picture. That is where you and your buddy must take a selfie.

This hip Naga City restaurant also has its own Valentine’s Day Promo. Even if you don’t get to win this restaurant’s Gift Certificate, you should still be able to enjoy a cozy, romantic dinner date here at great value for your money.

Light & Healthy Valentine

This restaurant has a special menu for Valentine’s Day. Read about this restaurant’s Valentine’s Day promo.


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