Naga City Kpop House

Naga City Kpop House

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Barlin St.
Apparel Store

  • The place that houses all your KPOP needs!
  • Barlin Street, Naga City, 4400
  • 0949-185-2742
  • 05:00 PM
  • 07:00 PM
  • Mondays to Fridays
  • The shop opens for an entire week during PeƱafrancia Fiesta when the merchandises and products are fully stocked.

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Naga City Kpop House was formerly known as ‘NCKC Kshop’ which means ‘Naga City Kpop Committee Kpop Shop’. It was established on March 2014 as an online kpop merchandise shop. As it became more well known in the online community, the shop decided to expand its services–this being: kpop dance and vocal tutorials, selling of korean beauty products and korean food products, customization of shirts, korean language tutoring, and others. It continues its expansion to sell in a local boutique shop beside Smokey Minaluto Grill near Porta Mariae, Naga Cathedral.

Unique Selling Point:
It not only focuses on selling kpop merchandise but it also wants to promote the entire korean culture itself by exploring other products to be made available for the customers.


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