Paul and Pearl Hometel

Paul and Pearl Hometel

Category: Accommodation, Apartelle, Hometel
Location: J. Miranda
Price Category: Budget

We offer accommodations at very affordable prices, where tourists or travelers can simply be home in Naga, in B Hometel.

Dear guests, thank you very much for choosing to stay with us. Please treat our space like your own home. We offer small conveniences that will make your stay homey and convenient for you.

We would like emphasize that we are a budget hometel, we would want to make our prices low and friendly to our budget conscious guests. Electricity is expensive in the Philippines and as such would like to ask our guests to cooperate with our safety and energy saving practices.

Please turn off any unused appliances and gadgets connected to a charger (air-conditioning, TV, electric fan and lights), especially when going out. This will also serve as precautionary measure against fire and electricity related accidents.

For safety and in case of fire each of our units are equipped with fire extinguisher and emergency lights. That we hope we never have to use. Our dear guests your cooperation is of great value.

We reserve the right to ask guests to vacate the premises and collect any damages to property, if this house rule is not observed.


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