Open Secrets Seminar

Category: Event, Workshop
Event Location: Magsaysay
Event Type: Workshop
Pricing Type: Paid

The OPEN SECRETS seminar is about finding the path that increases the chance of achieving stability and success by Ed Pilapil Jr – who is an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a business coach.  Ed Pilapil Jr  has also authored other books such as Career Success: the 48 Cs and 19 Touchstones: A Guide for Every Entrepreneur

The OPEN SECRETS IS A SUCCESS BLUEPRINT, a framework, to achieve anything that you set your heart to.  If you follow this model, you may achieve success and with it, fulfillment.

We invite aspiring entrepreneurs, Parents who want to give their child a foundation on entrepreneurship, business owners, managers, etc to attend this insightful seminar to help you find your direction and succeed in it.

Price:  P1,800 [ includes dinner]

Academe Rate:  P950

Online Registration:

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