3rd Regional YOUTH Entrepreneurship Congress

Category: Event
Event Location: Pili Capitol Convention Center
Event Type: Seminar
Pricing Type: Paid

The Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress (RYEC) is an advocacy of the Cam Sur Chamber of Commerce and Industry where it aims to promote entrepreneurial mindset to young individuals with the hope to develop and produce business leaders in the future. The support of the CSCCI doesn’t end after the Congress, we will mentor students exhibiting excellent entrepreneurial skills and will be open for investment opportunities on business ideas that are unique and sustainable.

Widening the Spectrum of Opportunities

Widening the Spectrum of Opportunities

For this year’s Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress (RYEC), registration will be processed online at www.ryec.baldpuppies.com   We encourage participants to register online to avail of the P500 registration fee. Online registration will only be accepted until August 12, 2016 . Onsite registration is P1000.
We only have limited slots so please register early


Event Date:  August 26-27, 2016


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