Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter

Category: Play
Event Location: Magsaysay
Event Type: Play
Pricing Type: Paid

The Palanca Awarded script of Juan Ekis will once again be brought to life by passionate Nagueños.

Sangre de Naga, the first community-based theatre company in Bicol will stage ‘ Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter’ at the Cheesecake Company.

Get to know Marlowe, Stef, Masi, Eric, Ana, Joel and Shine and their different experiences and takes on coffee, love, bitterness, life and everything in between on July 23, 2016 at the Cheesecake Company (on top of Jack’s Blue Plate Magsaysay).

There will be 3 schedules; 9am (P150), 3pm (P200) and 6pm (P250). All tickets come with coffee.


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