NCG Selfie Race for Valentine's Day

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NCG Selfie Race for Valentine’s Day

The NCG Selfie Race for Valentine’s Day is Naga City Guide’s way of saying “Thank You” to our beloved fans. Since you rely on Naga City Guide to tell you about great eats and treats in Naga, NCG has partnered with 17 of your favorite #OneNaga businesses and Date Spots to bring you the NCG Selfie Race for Valentine’s Day.

Promo Period

February 1 – 12, 2016.

Prizes at stake

At stake are 17 Gift Certificates, each worth PhP1,000.00. Great for use on Valentine’s Day, but still valid some other day. A participant can win any one of these 17 Gift Certificates.

  • Fifteen (15) Gift Certificates will be won by the first 15 race finishers.
  • One (1) Gift Certificate – particularly that of H.Bar Body Lounge Spa – will be awarded to “The Sweetest Selfies”, to be chosen by Naga City Guide and H.Bar Body Lounge Spa.
  • One (1) Gift Certificate – particularly that of Nail Cocktales – will be awarded to “The Most Creative Selfies”, to be chosen by Naga City Guide and Nail Cocktales

Participating Naga establishments

The 17 participating Valentine’s Day Date Spots / #OneNaga businesses who are supplying the PhP1,000 Gift Certificates are:

Who may join

Couples of all shapes and circumstances – romantic or otherwise – may join. The important thing is there must be two of you in your team. Example team composition:

  • sweethearts
  • mom & daughter
  • mom & son
  • dad & daughter
  • dad & son
  • mom & dad
  • di-pa-sila-pero-malapit-na
  • di-sila-pero-baka
  • di-nila-alam-pero-sila-pala
  • muntik-sana-pero-malabo-na
  • sisters
  • brothers
  • sister & brother
  • cousins
  • bestfriends
  • best frenemies
  • accidental couples
  • la-lang couples

What you need to do

The NCG Selfie Race for Valentine’s Day is exactly what it says – a Selfie Race. Participants need to take a Selfie in designated Selfie Race Stations.

There are 17 Selfie Race Stations. You must complete the race by taking a selfie in every Selfie Race Station. The order doesn’t matter so you have to plan your route well to minimize travel. You can take a Selfie in Station 6 then Station 1 then Station 10. Follow whichever order is most convenient to you.  Just make sure you complete all 17 stations.

You can’t take a selfie just anywhere. Your selfie must be taken at the Selfie Race Station exactly depicted in the main photographs (the big, featured photo – the first photo) shown in the Selfie Race Stations list below ; the other photos supplementing the main photo are just clues that will help tell you in which establishment you’ll find the actual Selfie Race Station.

Note that the Selfie Race Stations in the list below are un-named. That’s the challenge. You’ll need to identify the establishment where the Selfie Race Station can be found before you can take a selfie at any Selfie Race Station.

Of course, you already know the 17 Naga City businesses participating in the NCG Selfie Race for Valentine’s Day. So all you need to do, really, is to match the Selfie Race Stations to the 17 participating establishments. Easy!

Contest mechanics

    1. No registration required. Once you decide to participate, find a teammate and go for gold!
    2. In your Facebook account, create a photo album. Name it “NCG Selfie Race”. In its description, tag Naga City Guide and include event hash tags: #NCGSelfieRace #ValentinesDay.

NCG Selfie Race Album Instructions

  1. Plan your route. Identify every Selfie Race Station – that is, match each Selfie Race Station to its corresponding establishment.
  2. Start the race.
  3. Go to any one of the 17 establishments – whichever you wish to visit first.
  4. Find the designated Selfie Station in that establishment, pose with your buddy at that Selfie Station (the two of you MUST be in the photo) then upload that photo (just one photo  per Selfie Race Station, please) to the “NCG Selfie Race” album. With every photo upload, do the following (in the description field,):
    • write the name of the Selfie Race Station (is it Selfie Race Station 1, Selfie Race Station 2, etc),
    • write & tag the name of  the establishment where that Selfie Race Station can be found,
    • write and tag Naga City Guide,
    • and add the hash tags: #NCGSelfieRace #ValentinesDay.

    NCG Selfie Race photo Instructions
    Make sure every photo is set to public!

  5. Repeat step 6  for the remaining 16 establishments in your list. Take your time – or not. If you want to win, you probably have to race.
  6. Make sure to “like” the fanpage of each of the 17 establishments you are tagging.: )
  7. After you’ve completed all 17 Selfie Race Stations, visit this Naga City Guide post:, then add a comment underneath to tell us that you’ve completed the race and to point us to your NCG Selfie Race photo album. Only those who leave a comment at the right place (the post indicated in the  link above) to inform us of race completion will be considered in the running to win a GC.


  • The first 15 finishers will each win one (1) Gift Certificate worth PhP1,000.00.
  • The first duo to complete the NCG Selfie Race for Valentine’s Day will get first dibs on the 15 Gift Certificates available to race finishers (remember, the H.Bar and Nail Cocktales GCs will be awarded separately). The second duo to complete will take second pick and may choose among the remaining GCs, and so on and so forth.
  • The order of finishers will be established according to the date and time the last Selfie was posted by those in the running to win a GC.
  • Winners will be notified via a reply to their comment in as well as a private message. The comment/message will also include instructions on choosing their preferred GC (if the option to choose remains available).
  • Naga City Guide and the establishment concerned will select “The Sweetest Selfies” and “The Most Creative Selfies” winners from the pool of finishers on February 12, 2016 at the close of the promo.
  • Naga City Guide will release the names of all winners by February 13.
  • Naga City Guide will forward the name of every winner to the establishment whose GC such winner has won/selected.
  • Winners may pick up their GC from their chosen establishment on February 13, 2016.
  • A GC may be redeemed from the awarding establishment from February 13 until March 13.


Let the race begin!!!

Selfie Race Station 1

Selfie Race

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Selfie Race Station 4

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Selfie Race Station 7

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NCG Selfie Race for Valentine's Day

Selfie Race Station 8

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Selfie Race Station 9

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Selfie Race Station 10

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Selfie Race Station 11

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Selfie Race Station 12

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Selfie Race Station 14

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Selfie Race Station 16

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Selfie Race Station 17

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