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If you’re a sea, sand and sun lover, you don’t have to go far to experience beach bliss. Take the less traveled road. Head off to Masbate and hop on a tour to take you around the islands, Isla Sombrero, Pulong Dapa and Tinalisayan for some swimming, exploring, cliff diving – and of course, a spot of posing and lots of selfies at gorgeous, picturesque locations.

Your trip starts from the VCS Beach Resort in Pasacao, from where you will travel by boat to San Pascual in Burias Island – your jump-off point for your Masbate island-hopping tour that will give you everything you want in an island-hopping adventure: untouched landscapes and crystal-clear blue waters.

Sombrero Island is a hat-shaped island off the town of San Pascual. You can appreciate its unique topography from this photograph by Nestor San Juan Jr. found here. Pulong Dipa is a small island nearby with a rugged and rocky terrain surrounded by pristine, greenish-blue waters. See Pulong Dapa photo by Jon to the World here. And Talisayan is quite famous for its supremely enticing sandbar, inviting you to walk its entire length, take a relaxing dip and pose for those oh-so-lovely selfies and groufies. It’s the stuff great photos and even greater experiences and memories are made of. See Jon to the World’s photos of Tinalisayan here.

Caveat: Remember that this is an off-the-beaten track tour. It’s for those who like – nay, prefer – roughing it. Everything you need, you must bring yourself, and that includes cash (credit cards won’t do you much good in the islands you’ll be visiting) and your personal necessities.

What to bring:
Extra money
Personal meds/assistive devices
Swim gear (goggles,flippers and ear plugs)
Lotions (sunblock)

To begin your Sombrero Adventure, contact Marvelous Dream Travel Services (see contact info below), and choose your preferred Sombrero Adventure dates.

Dates of travel:
March 18-19
March 30-31
April 29-30
Or your choice of adventure date…

Scope: Local
Destination: Burias Island, Masbate, San Pascual
Pakage Classification: Adventure, Nature
Package Type: Cliff Diving, Island Hopping, Swimming
  • PhP 2,200.00 per pax
  • 2 days / 1 nights
  • Marvelous Dream Travel Services

    Tour Stops / Itinerary

  • Day 1


  • Day 2

    Island Hopping (3-4 islands)

    Tour Inclusions

  • Round Trip Transfers

    Round trip from V.C.S resort to Burias Island (rented)

  • 3 Meals

    Day 1 Lunch
    Day 1 Dinner
    Day 2 Breakfast

    ***Day 2 Lunch is optional at extra charge***

  • Island Hopping Tour Fees

    Tourism fees
    Entrance fees
    Environmental fees
    Open cottage rental
    Tents and tent area fee
    Cold Water/Ice

To Book this package, Contact:

Marvelous Dream Travel Services

Marvelous Dream Main Office

Zone 2 Panganiban Drive, Naga City (in front of Iglesia ni Cristo)

Contact Details:

  • Smart No - 0929-619-9270
  • Globe No - 0977-124-5638
  • Landline #: (054) 472-5678
  • Email:

Marvelous Dream Legazpi Branch

Location: Bichara Silver Screen

Contact Details:

  • Smart No - 0918-267-9017
  • Globe No - 0915-439-5322
  • Landline #: (052) 742-3633
  • Email:

Marvelous Dream CBD Terminal Branch

Location: Stall B-10, CBD-2 Terminal, Triangulo, Naga City (In front of OWWA)

Contact Details:

  • Smart No - 0919-479-2556
  • Globe No - 0915-614-8208
  • Email:


Full Packages are Non-Refundable, Non-Reroutable, Non-Rebookable once Finalized

For Payment Transactions, We Accept:

  • Credit card Payment
  • Bank Deposit/Bank Transfers
  • SMART Padala

Payment Details:

SMART PADALA #: 5577-5193-4918-8103


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