Accent Sedan

    Accent Sedan 1.4 GL 6Manual (Gas)
    SRP: PhP 690,000.00
    Downpayment: PhP 138,000.00
    Promo Downpayment: PhP 93,000.00
    Save P45,000.00
    Monthly Amortization: PhP 13,741.00
    Term: 60 months
    Accent Sedan 1.4 GL CVT - Automatic (Gas)
    SRP: PhP 740,000.00
    Downpayment: PhP 148,000.00
    Promo Downpayment: PhP 103,000.00
    Save P45,000.00
    Monthly Amortization: PhP 14,998.00
    Term: 60 months
    Accent Sedan 1.6 6Manual (Diesel)
    SRP: PhP 780,000.00
    Downpayment: PhP 156,600.00
    Promo Downpayment: PhP 121,000.00
    Save P35,600.00
    Monthly Amortization: PhP 15,808.00
    Term: 60 months
    Accent Sedan 1.6 7DCT - Automatic (Diesel)
    SRP: PhP 925,000.00
    Downpayment: PhP 185,000.00
    Promo Downpayment: PhP 150,000.00
    Save P35,000.00
    Monthly Amortization: PhP 18,747.00
    Term: 60 months

The Hyundai Accent Sedan is a 5-seater sedan from Hyundai.


  • 1 year Comprehensive Insurance
  • 3 years LTO Registration
  • 1 year AOG Insurance
  • 3 years TPL Insurance
  • Up to 5 years Chattel Mortgage
  • FREE Tint
  • FREE Seat Covers
  • FREE Mattings
  • FREE Early Warning Device
  • FREE Labour and Checkup Fee for 1st 1,000 kms and 1st 5,000 kms.
  • FREE 1 Hyundai Club Card (Discount Card)

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Hyundai Accent


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