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Lumina Angeli

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Category: Real Estate Properties
Subdivision: Lumina - Pili
Price Range: 1M to <2M
Location: Palestina Pili
Property Type: House and Lot, Rowhouse, Single Attached
Lot Type: Regular Lot
Number of Bedrooms: 2
With Maid's Room?: No
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Garage: 1-car garage
Number of Storeys: 2
Terrace: With Terrace
For Sale or For Rent? For Sale
Available Financing Options: Bank

  • 36 sq.m.
  • 42 sq.m.
  • PhP 1,040,187.00
  • PhP 130,187.00
  • PhP 5,000.00
  • PhP8,942.00 for (14 months )
  • Sample Bank Financing Calculation

  • PhP 910,000.00
  • 8.00 %
  • PhP7,612.00
  • 20 years
  • This sample calculation is provided for general information purposes only. Loan amount and loan amortization may vary on a case-to-case basis as they are subject to the length of the amortization period and applicable interest rate. Please be advised.


  • Specifications:
    Floor area : GF 22 sq.m and 2F 20 sq.m
    Min. lot area: 36 sq.m (Inner Unit)
  • Features:
    Living Area
    Dining Area
    1 Toilet & Bath
    Provision for 2 bedrooms
    Provision for 1 Family Hall
    Provision for Service Area


Total Price:  P1,040,187.00
Downpayment:  P130,187.00

Reservation:  P5,000.00
Monthly DP:  P8,942.00 (14 MONTHS)

Loan Amount: P910,000.00
Interest rate: 8%
Amort.: P7 ,612.00 (20 yrs)

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